You are currently viewing Falaq Naaz’s Mom Hits Back At Abhishek’s Brother For Roasting Their Family, Calls It ‘Disgusting’

Falaq Naaz’s Mom Hits Back At Abhishek’s Brother For Roasting Their Family, Calls It ‘Disgusting’


Falaq Naaz's Mom Hits Back At Abhishek's Brother For Roasting Their Family, Calls It 'Disgusting'

Bigg Boss OTT 2 has been dominating all the headlines off lately. For the unversed, this year, the controversial show is graced by many famous faces from the industry, such as Falaq Nazz, Avinash Sachdev, Abhishek Malhan, and more. However, recently Abhishek’s brother, Nischay Malhan took a dig at contestants who commented on his brother’s upbringing in the show. He also roasted Falaq and her family. Now, reacting to the same, Falaq’s mom, Kehekshan slammed Abhishek’s brother.

Falaq’s mom, Kehekshan slams Abhishek Malhan’s brother for roasting their family

In a recent interview with ETimes, Falaq’s mom, Kehekshan talked about the roast video of Abhishek’s brother, Nischay. She shared that if her kids try to make money by roasting someone, then it will be an insult to her. She added that her family is not a filmy or YouTube family. Kehekshan also mentioned her family is a normal family and they are normal people. Calling the roasting session disgusting, Falaq’s mom shared:

“Humari YouTube waali family nahi hai (we are not a YouTube family)… We are like normal people where kids and even elders sometimes make mistakes, but we also solve problems amongst ourselves. It is a very personal matter and I don’t think others have the right to comment on it. If you are attacking someone’s emotions, it is one of the most disgusting things that you are doing. Isse se pata chal jaata hai aap kya hain Aur hum kya hain…You’re attacking someone personally, just think if I do the same how would you feel.”

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Falaq’s mom, Kehekshan slams Abhishek Malhan and his followers

Talking about Abhishek Malhan’s followers on social media, Falaq’s mother, Kehekshan revealed that his followers are going into other contestants’ profiles and abusing them. Kehekshan added if she had such followers, she would ask them to leave. Kehekshan further mentioned that she has three celebrities in her home, and each enjoys a massive fan following, but she has never seen their followers abuse others. Falaq’s mother slammed Abhishek and said that whenever anyone in the show said something to him, his followers started abusing others, including the host, Salman Khan. She asked if Abhishek is such a huge personality, then why is he even in this show?

abhishek and nischay

Falaq Naaz’s mom, Kehekshan on her daughter’s bonding with her co-contestant, Avinash Sachdev

In the same interview, Falaq’s mom talked about Anivash Sachdev and Falaq’s bonding. Kehekshan shared that she and her family are proud of Falaq and are quite confident in Falaq’s decision, so whatever the actress thinks to be right, she can do that. Talking about Avinash, Falaq’s mom stated that she thinks him to be trustworthy, whom her daughter can trust. She also stated that, from her point of view, Avinash is really loyal to his co-contestant, Jiya Shankar. Kehekshan mentioned:

“I think Avinash is trustworthy and Falaq can trust him. I watch the show live and I’ve seen how he has patiently been with Jiya and apologised when he went wrong. Otherwise, I don’t know him personally and neither Falaq has ever worked with him. So the friendship Falaq has made inside the show is for real and for the first time she’s meeting them. Avinash, as far as I’ve seen, has been very loyal towards Jiya.”

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Why did Abhishek Malhan’s brother, Nischay Malhan roast the contestants, especially Falaq Naaz?

For the uninformed, it all started when Pooja Bhatt clashed with Abhishek Malhan several times in BB OTT 2 and even called him ‘badtameez’. In the show, Pooja was seen questioning Abhishek’s upbringing. After that, Falaq Naaz called Abhishek Malhan ‘janani’ and ‘chhakka’. 


Reacting to all of these, Abhishek’s brother, Nischay, swooped in and roasted Falaq regarding her brother, Sheezan Khan’s arrest in the late actress, Tunisha Sharma’s death case. He also commented on Falaq’s family and called it ‘irony.’ 


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