When the first season of Fabulous Lives of Bollywood Wives streamed in 2020, no one expected this show starring Sanjay Kapoor’s wife Maheep, Chunkey Panday’s wife Bhavana, Sohail Khan’s then wife Seema and Samir Soni’s wife and actor Neelam Kothari, to garner such intense interest from the viewers. And if Netflix is to be believed, stakes are higher this season even as people want to know what the divas have been up to in the last two years.

The second season of Fabulous Lives of Bollywood Wives opens with the four best friends doing what they enjoy the most – sitting on a yacht and enjoying the good life while they judge the wedding dress of a recently married celeb. You cannot help but think who has this kind of time in the world? Well, the Bollywood wives do! The episodes of this season are definitely more well-rounded than the last time, with the focus on the drama that comes with being the wives of the rich and famous. Interestingly, the season is filled with big star appearances with considerable screen time.

A very big change that comes with this season is that Seema is no more a Khan and her separation with Sohail Khan is also addressed at length. How she is moving on, how she is embracing singlehood, finding strength as a single woman, are all topics that are discussed threadbare. Her track will definitely interest the movie buffs and women, who connect with the storyline. It appears that the show is a platform for Seema to let the viewers see her as an individual and not just as a part of the Khan-daan. Actor, Malaika Arora, an ex-Khan bahu herself, also makes a guest appearance where both of them go bowling with their sons Arhaan and Nirvaan. From getting set-up for a blind date, to suddenly changing style of designing, Seema’s track definitely is the most interesting one in the show.

Bhavana Panday brings a new twist to her storyline this year with revamping her relationship with husband, actor Chunkey Pandey. While both of her daughters Ananya and Rysa make appearances, Bhavana is seen emphasising on Ananya’s hard work and journey in the film industry. Her frayed bond with Maheep is also a matter of concern this season. Maheep continues to be the diva on the show, demanding Sanjay’s attention and comparing him to elder brother and actor Anil Kapoor. However, her part feels tad bit more scripted and rehearsed than the others. The well-meaning Maheep often looks like the baddie of the group with her cussing, outlandish endorsement deals and judgmental quips. Neelam looks a lot more focused this season as she is getting back in front of the camera.

So, with twists, drama, blind dates, guest appearances and first world problems, Fabulous Lives of Bollywood Wives offers you the perfect blend of cringe and class. Guest appearances by Karan Johar, Gauri Khan, Malaika Arora, Bobby Deol and many more add to the star power of the show. If you are a fan of the first season, then the second season is right up your alley too.

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