eSewa Money Transfer and Prabhu Management have struck up a deal to provide a remittance payment service. With this partnership, remittance sent over eSewa Money Transfer can be received from 7,000+ cooperatives affiliated with Prabhu Management.

The agreement allows remittance sent through eSewa Money Transfer, payment centers and eSewa wallet agents to be received through cooperatives affiliated with Prabhu Management. For information, remittances can be sent from over 200 countries through eSewa Money Transfer. The eSewa offshoot has 10,000 payment centers across the country and another 5000 eSewa wallets.

Besides, domestic remittance through eSewa Money Transfer can now be collected from cooperatives connected with Prabhu Management. In addition, money can also be deposited at those cooperatives.

Speaking on the agreement between eSewa Money Transfer and Prabhu Management, Ajes Koirala, the CEO of eSewa Money Transfer said, “We are confident that our clients will now have a more feasible remittance payment service through a highly extended network of Prabhu Management. “In the meantime, this partnership will also boost the expansion of eSewa Money Transfer further across the country”, he added.

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About eSewa Money Transfer and Prabhu Management

eSewa Money Transfer is an offshoot of F1 Soft Group. It obtained a license from NRB in 2019. The remit provider allows people from 200 countries to send remittances to Nepal. The senders can transfer money to eSewa wallet users and over 60 bank accounts. It has been providing remittance payment services through over 10,000 agent networks across Nepal.

Prabhu Management on the other hand is an integrated platform that provides remit, banking, and other financial services through one channel. It began the service in 2011.

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With the slogan, “PRABHU is a Complete Financial Solution”, the platform offers services of all its services such as Prabhu Bank, Prabhu Insurance, Money Transfer, etc. Besides, it allows telephone, internet, and electricity payment too.

How beneficial will the collaboration between eSewa Money Transfer and Prabhu Management be for Nepalese? Do leave share your opinion in the comments below.

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