Compared to other occupations, it’s very rare to hear of an established actor retiring from the entertainment industry. But long before Bruce Willis’ retirement was announced following his aphasia diagnosis, Empire star Terrence Howard announced his proposed retirement following the end of Empire. Fortunately, the actor decided to take on more projects after the series ended in 2020. Viewers were surprised when it was announced he would return for the limited series The Best Man: The Final Chapters. While fans thought Howard had reneged on his pledge and would keep working, he might’ve just burst their bubble, as he explained why it’s time to retire, again.

Howard returned to acting to play resident playboy Quentin Spivey for the Best Man franchise’s televised conclusion (which can be streamed with a Peacock subscription on December 22). Unlike his previous retirement declaration, the Oscar-nominated actor was more serious about stepping away from entertainment this time when speaking with ET at the Peacock miniseries’ red-carpet premiere.

This is the end for me. This is the end for me. I don’t know if it’s the end for the rest of them. I retired two years ago, for the most part. I was done. … I asked Sidney Poitier 10 years ago does he want to do any more work, and he said, ‘Why would I spend my last 10 years doing an impersonation of myself?’ And that’s what I’ve gotten to. I’ve gotten to the point where now I’ve given the very best that I have as an actor. Now I’m enjoying watching other new talent come around, and I don’t want to do an impersonation of myself.

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