Elon Musk and his team at Twitter are working very hard to fulfil the tech mogul’s new vision for Twitter, also known as Twitter 2.0. The current employees at Twitter are expected to work on an overdrive mode, over the weekends and sometimes, over public holidays. They are also expected to be highly efficient and self-sustaining in their work.

Elon Musk expects that employees at Twitter, who share his vision of Twitter 2.0, will sleep at the office, just like he does, until the organisation is fixed. Musk also famously slept at the Tesla factory back in 2018, when he was working on Tesla Model 3. Image Credit: AFP

In a rather bizarre turn of events, the new Twitter CEO has decided that some core groups of engineers who are responsible for writing a bulk of the code for the new projects at Twitter, should focus only on their work, and forget they have a life outside. To facilitate, this, Musk has converted several rooms at the Twitter headquarters in San Francisco into modest hotel rooms.

Employees of Twitter who work at the San Francisco office, upon returning to their office on Monday, after a weekend off, discovered that several rooms in the headquarters now had mattresses, curtains and some decoration. 

According to a report by Forbes, one of these converted bedrooms Forbes had bright orange carpeting, a wooden bedside table and what appears to be a queen bed, along with a table lamp and two office armchairs.

Although no official announcement or memo was shared with the staffers, most employees have assumed that these beds are an extension of Musk’s vision for a more hardcore workplace. The idea is to enable staffers who are working on time-sensitive and critical projects, to be able to stay overnight at the office.

Before moving into a small cabin that cost about $50,000 right inside Tesla’s California campus at Fremont, Elon Musk, famously, used to sleep in the conference rooms in Tesla.

It wouldn’t be farfetched to assume that Musk expects that anyone who seriously wants to see Twitter excel and grow in the direction that Musk has envisioned, shouldn’t have a problem in working for over 16-18 hours a day and sleeping at their offices along with him. 

In mid-November, Musk tweeted that he would be working and sleeping at the corporate offices along Market Street “until the org is fixed.” However, that tweet has since been deleted.

Although it isn’t clear how many rooms have been repurposed into bedroom pods, Forbes cited an internal source, saying that it seems each floor seems at the Twitter office in San Francisco seems to have about four to eight such pods. 

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