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BJP’s Annamalai releases ‘DMK files’ alleging corruption by CM Stalin’s family


On Friday, 21st April 2023, K Annamalai – the president of the Tamil Nadu state unit of the Bharatiya Janata Party – asked Tamil Nadu chief minister MK Stalin to take the responsibility for the actions of his family in corruption. He also insisted that Stalin should answer the people about the “DMK Fies” and take appropriate action.

K Annamalai tweeted, “On behalf of the Tamil Nadu BJP, I insist that the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu Mr MK Stalin should take responsibility for the actions of his family in corruption and answer to the people and take appropriate action.”

K Annamalai also shared a statement that said, “Yesterday, we released an audio clip in which the Tamil Nadu Finance Minister, Mr PTR Palanivel Thiagarajan, and both Udhayanidhi Stalin and Niru Sabareesan were heard saying that they had earned Rs 30,000 crores illegally in a single year. The Tamil Nadu Finance Minister’s statement adds to the video ‘DMK Files’ which we released on the 14th of this month. Till now, the DMK government’s silence without giving any explanation for it is a matter of concern for the people who voted for them and elected them. MK Stalin should feel it.”

The statement added, “BJP was saying from the beginning that the Coimbatore blast incident is a terror attack case. DMK denied it saying that it was just a cylinder explosion. Recently, it was proved by agencies that it was a terror act. On the one hand, there is a law and order problem in the state and on the other hand members of the chief minister MK Stalin’s family are involved in corruption. Stalin’s family acting against the promises made to the people and earning Rs 30000 crores illegally in a single year through corruption is no longer acceptable. The Tamil Nadu Chief Minister should condemn this act of his family members who are flourishing in corruption. On behalf of the Bharatiya Janadhar Party in Tamil Nadu, I urge Stalin to take responsibility and answer to the people and take appropriate action.”

Audio of minister’s talk released

On 20th April 2023, an audio clip of Tamil Nadu’s finance minister Palanivel Thiagarajan allegedly speaking about his cabinet colleague and Chief Minister MK Stalin’s son Udhayanidhi Stalin went viral. The contentious audio recording has been uploaded numerous times by opposition party politicians, including BJP state president K Annamalai, who published the tape’s English and Tamil transcriptions on Twitter.

The finance minister – commonly referred to as PTR — is allegedly heard asserting in the audio recording that MK Stalin’s son and minister Udhayanidhi Stalin and son-in-law V Sabareesan had accumulated wealth through illegal means. Sabareesan, an essential DMK strategist, is married to Stalin’s daughter Senthamarai.

The finance minister allegedly said, “Both Udhayanidhi and Sabari realised that they made more money in one year than their grandparents did in their lives. And now it is getting to be a problem. How to handle it? How to not get caught? It’s all playing like… can’t really tell pretty close. Will say 30,000 crores.”

The DMK Files

K Annamalai, the president of the BJP in Tamil Nadu, disclosed a series of papers titled “DMK files” on alleged corruption within the DMK government on Friday. According to the BJP leader’s calculations and estimates, the DMK leaders’ assets were “worth Rs 1.34 lakh crore”. Annamalai further intimated that the AIADMK, a BJP ally that leads the Opposition alliance in Tamil Nadu, will not be spared in his corruption discovery.

In a press conference he addressed on 14th April 2023, Annamalai said, “DMK files will not end with a single part; every party that ruled the state will be exposed before 2024. If I am going to expose corruption, I will have to expose the corruption of everyone.”

He presented accusations of corruption against DMK leaders and their close relatives as he received cheers and applause from BJP supporters. He also asked the ruling party some pointed questions. The state BJP head accused DMK leaders Jagatratchagan, E V Velu, K N Nehru, Kanimozhi, Kalanidhi Maran, T R Baalu, Kalanithi Veerasamy, Duraimurugan, Kathir Anand, Arcot Veersamy, Kalanidhi Veersamy, and K Ponmudy among others of irregularities and discrepancies in assets.

Annamalai raised concerns regarding the funding of Minister Udhayanidhi Stalin’s Red Giant movies, relationships between chief minister M K Stalin’s son-in-law Sabareesan and director of George’s Bank Srinivas Venkatesh in England, and an agreement Stalin signed with the Noble group of companies, where ministers Udhayanidhi Stalin and Anbil Mahesh Poyyamozhi were allegedly once directors. Additionally, Annamalai implicated CM Stalin with corruption in relation to the Metro Phase 1 contract, which took place between 2006 and 2011 during the DMK government.

DMK leaders filed defamation cases against K Annamalai

On Wednesday, 19th April 2023, DMK Youth Wing chief and Tamil Nadu Minister, Udhayanidhi Stalin sent a legal notice to state BJP president K Annamalai over the allegations he made in the DMK Files. Udhayanidhi, son of Chief Minister and DMK president M K Stalin, demanded ₹ 50 crores as damages from Annamalai, besides an unconditional apology.

Besides Udhayanidhi Stalin, many other leaders from DMK sent defamation notices to K Annamalai. The BJP leader summarized them all in a thread of tweets he posted. He wrote, “The pertinent questions DMK Files asked have received nothing but kneejerk responses from DMK. The State FM’s admission of the 1st family accumulating more than ₹30,000 Crores in just a year hasn’t received any responses yet as they are spending their time, energy & their wallets to send me defamation notices.”

He further tweeted, “BGR Energy sent me a defamation notice for ₹500 Crore for exposing DMK’s favouritism to re-award a contract previously cancelled by TANGEDCO. Later DMK’s Organisation Secretary Thiru RS Bharathi sent me a Notice claiming ₹100 Crore for exposing the True nature of Thiru MK Stalin’s Dubai visit.”

He added, “After we exposed the wealth accumulated by DMK through DMK Files on 14th April 2023, Thiru RS Bharathi sent me a defamation notice for ₹500 Crore, Thiru Udhayanidhi Stalin for ₹50 Crore & Thiru TR Baalu for ₹100 Crore. Total defamation received by me to date till this hour is ₹1250 Crores.”

K Annamalai wrote in the last tweet of this thread, “DMK’s urge to fill their personal coffers never ends. These empty threats & Defamation notices are not going to help their cause. If you want my voice crushed, you should do better than just sending these notices, Thiru MK Stalin. Bring it on!”

BJP spokesperson’s remarks

BJP spokesperson Dr Syed Zafar Islam said, “DMK has been making shameful attempts of finding new means of money laundering. V Sabareesan, the son-in-law of MK Stalin, has set up two companies in the UK. And these so-called companies are nothing but the means of illegally routing the ill-gotten wealth.”

He added, “On one hand, Modi Ji has been giving a huge blow to corruption, and on the other hand, the DMK is busy furthering corruption. Be it the Gandhi family or the DMK, each and everyone therein has been absolutely immersed in corrupt practices, in eating away people’s money and resources.”


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