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Bill Hader Talks Final Season of Barry


Bill Hader insists he never had any long range plans for “Barry’s” storylines.

At the Los Angeles premiere of the HBO series’ fourth and final season on Sunday, Hader told Variety when he first began the process of developing and pitching “Barry” seven years ago, he had “no idea where the series was going to end up.”

In fact, he says, Season 4 is “totally different” than his original plans. As the series wrapped, Hader revealed those final days were “very bittersweet,” but everyone was “also so tired, we were exhausted,” he said, laughing.

“Barry’s” fourth season picks up with Barry in prison after killing Janice (Paula Newsome), his mentor Gene Cousineau’s (Henry Winkler) girlfriend, in Season 1. “I had some sense of where we were headed,” said Sarah Goldberg, who plays Sally. “But I was very surprised by all the details on the way there.”

Goldberg was happy to report that Hader fulfilled the one request that she first made while they were shooting Season 1 — that her character has a full-blown breakdown.

“I asked Bill, I don’t care where Sally goes, but please can we go like full ‘Woman Under the Influence’ or ‘Opening Night?’” Goldberg said. “And — without any spoilers — he did hold true to his promise.”

Hader and Goldberg star alongside Winkler, Carrigan, Wisom, Stephen Root, Michael Irby, Sarah Burns, and Jessy Hodges.

As the series begins its final chapter, the cast expressed their pride in the production. “I am proud. I am so sad. I am grateful,” said Winkler.

“I feel like we’re all sad but also very proud and excited. It feels like the story ended in the right place,” said Goldberg.

Root added, “It’s not the end for me. Now I have six new best friends and I’m going to annoy them. Knock on their doors at all hours. I won’t let them go.”

Hader executive produced and co-created the series alongside Alec Berg. Aida Rodgers, Elizabeth Sarnoff and Duffy Boudreau also serve as executive producers alongside, producers Arturs Rusis, John T. McCracken and consulting producer Taofik Kolade.

“Barry’s” first two episodes of Season 4 are available on HBOMax. The remaining six episodes will premiere every Sunday on HBO and HBOMax at 10 p.m., concluding June 28.


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