BABYDOGE Quadrillion Burn to Reduce Supply: Bullish?


  • BABYDOGE started a quadrillion token burn poll. 
  • 99% of voting reports ‘yes burn them!’ as it remains in deflation.

On a recent note, Baby Doge Coin (BABYDOGE) has crossed the crypto market with effective massive burns and transactions. The community keeps planning the demand and multiple dumps in the last few days. 

This is with respect to the deflation that piles up the economic revenue in the crypto market. However, the Baby Doge Coin (BABYDOGE) has given a new proposal seeking votes from the crypto communities.

Furthermore, this reflects the fact of BABYDOGE remains deflationary with assured activity. The additional source of information is that the coin shares a live proposal of burning the farm reward tokens. Effectively, the token burn ranges between 1 to 2 quadrillion on the BNB network. 

Is Burning Farm Reward Tokens Worth?

The proposal mainly focuses on disabling the core farms that run currently so that there will be little activity. From Wednesday, the voting is kept active and it ends by this Saturday. 

For now, the current result of the poll on snapshot falls to 99% ‘Yes Burn them!’ and the rest 1% says ‘No Leave them!’. The ones who support the BABYDOGE burn are around 165 trillion in numbers whereas the rest includes 1.7 trillion. 

The voting system is set to be single-choice voting so that the strict note on casting a vote of either yes or no, is made. The crypto enthusiasts have no comments on this vote cast yet, there is an expectation that BABYDOGE would expand its community with limited supply in demand. 

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