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Does Turmeric Relieve Joint Pain And Inflammation?


Daily activities might become challenging for someone with arthritis because the condition limits joint mobility. Here are some tips for using turmeric in your diet to control arthritis symptoms.

Arthritis Home Remedy: Does Turmeric Relieve Joint Pain And Inflammation?
Arthritis Home Remedy: Does Turmeric Relieve Joint Pain And Inflammation?

Arthritis can make it challenging for a person to carry out daily tasks due to the condition’s limitations on joint motion. Arthritis makes simple activities uncomfortable, such as sitting or bending. A person with arthritis must take numerous precautions in order to lessen discomfort and swelling. One can incorporate turmeric into your diet to control arthritis. Did you know that curcumin, which is turmeric’s main component, can ease pain and lessen inflammation? The excellent health advantages of turmeric are worth mentioning in addition to the flavouring they provide to food.

You may find it difficult or terrible to go about your everyday activities if you have arthritis, a chronic health condition that can result in excruciating joint pain and inflammation. Turmeric or Haldi powder has anti-inflammatory effects that can help ease joint pain.


  1. You can sprinkle turmeric on vegetables and rice, add it to soups and smoothies, or buy it in the form of a powder (ground from the root).
  2. Arthritis patients can also try turmeric tea to alleviate joint pain.
  3. Turmeric powder can be used in salads or curries. You may find turmeric in some of the foods you eat that are yellow, such as mustard.
  4. The best approach to add curcumin to your diet is through curcumin pills and capsules.

Health food stores, pharmacies, and supermarkets all sell ground turmeric over the counter. Due to the lack of trial data, we do not yet know whether it is useful in treating osteoarthritis, but it seems to have very mild adverse effects.

Published Date: April 12, 2023 4:56 PM IST


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