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Apple reportedly working on AI health coach


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According to a recent report, Apple is developing an “AI-powered health coach” to offer health advice to consumers.

According to a news/articles/2023-04-25/apple-aapl-developing-ai-health-coaching-service-ipados-17-health-app#xj4y7vzkg” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>Bloomberg report, Apple is working on an “AI-powered health coach” that’s set to offer up personalized advice for improving your diet, exercising, and sleeping. This project is reportedly codenamed Quartz, and the basic idea behind it is that Apple is going to use AI technology in conjunction with health data generated by Apple Watch to create a next-gen health platform for users to rely on.

Via notable Apple insider Mark Gurman, this new health coach will reportedly come by way of a monthly subscription and could, theoretically, launch in 2024. However, Gurman did note that this is still very much in development, and plans could change at any time. So, this feature might get delayed, or it may not come by way of a monthly subscription at all. In this respect, only time will tell.

What seems more certain, though, is that Apple is planning on bringing the Health app to iPad this year, according to reports. This is set to allow users to view electrocardiogram results alongside other health data in a larger format in comparison to iPhone. “The hope is that an iPad version will boost the app’s popularity in health care settings, where tablets have already made inroads,” Gurman said.

It’s also reported that Apple is working on an emotion tracker of sorts as a new feature for the Health app. The idea, reportedly, is that at first you’ll input your mood and respond to questions about your day, and then this data will be compared across days, weeks, and months. Later versions, also according to reports, could rely on algorithms to determine a user’s mood via speech, typed words, and other device data.

Right now, though, this is all rumor, so make sure to keep an eye out for new announcements from Apple.


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