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Apple invites customers back to its first-ever Apple store following major redesign

“Hello. Again.” This is how Apple invites customers back to its first-ever Apple Store. After 22 years, the Tysons Corner retail is being renovated at a new mall location. First spotted by Michael Steeber from the Tabletops newsletter, the new place will be between the Nespresso and Victoria’s Secret stores.

Although it was unclear when Apple would reopen the store, the company announced that its Fairfax, Virginia, retail would come full circle as it will open its door to customers on May 19. Interestingly enough, on the same date, but 22 years ago, this was the number one opened Apple Store, followed by another in California a few hours later.

Apple says this new location will feature inclusive, innovative, and sustainable design enhancements that reflect the company’s values.

It’s not the first time the Cupertino firm has renovated the store, but it has never changed its location. Previously, Apple Tysons Corner Store received a facelift by losing its iconic black facade with two Apple logos on each side of the store.

What’s interesting about this store is a Steve Jobs iconic video conducting a retail tour, showing the Genius Bar, how the products are displayed, and more.

Currently, Apple has more than 500 stores worldwide; the last two opened in India, and the company is still expanding its presence globally. In the US, Apple has modernized a few old stores over the years. One of the most interesting revamps was The Grove store in Los Angeles, which went to the other side of the street and has a gorgeous look.

This new Tysons Corner store will open on May 19 at 10 AM. It celebrates how far the company has gotten over the years. BGR will make sure to cover what’s so different about this retail and how it could change the other locations Apple currently has.

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