The second episode of Moving In with Malaika premiered on Tuesday evening and it showed Malaika Arora in a never-before-avatar: angry and nervous! In the new episode, the Chaiyya Chaiyya girl was seen facing her fears, and one of them was driving her car and driving through a glass for a commercial. Malaika confessed she had not sat in the driver’s seat for six months and was evidently scared.

While she was already reluctant about the stunt on her way to the stunt venue, her fears intensify when she sits in the passenger seat of a speeding car and experiences the stunt. However, her nerves calm down when she takes on the driver’s role and eases into the driving experience.

But Malaika lost her cool when she found out that she doesn’t only have to drive the car but also ram it through a glass instillation. Upon realising that it was a last-minute addition, Malaika storms off to her vanity and refuses to perform the stunt. “They can’t keep doing these stupid things and playing mind games with me. It’s a bit of a f**k up. I am sorry but you cannot do that to anybody,” she said, adding that she wanted to hide in the van and not do the stunt for it brought back too many memories.

Her manager tried to convince her, urging her that the stunt fits into the bigger scheme of things. But Malaika refuses to cave. “No, I don’t want to do it. I am not going to do it,” she said. When her manager tried to convince her, assuring her that all safety precautions are in place but an angry Malaika replied, “I ain’t doing it.” In a post-scene interview, Malaika added, “She was trying to make it seem all cool and casual, maybe she should try doing the stunt instead.”

Malaika then took a moment to calm down and called her sister Amrita Arora for advice. Amrita helped put Malaikaa at ease and encouraged her to perform the stunt to overcome her fears. After a little convincing, Malaika took on the challenge and eventually did the stunt. She celebrated her victory over her fear as well.

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