Analyst Predicts How Much Longer LeBron James Will Play


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LeBron James recently confirmed what most people thought was a fact already: He’s not going to retire from the NBA yet.

James still has two years left on his deal, with the second being a player option.

A lot of people have speculated that he’s going to play at least one year with his firstborn son, Bronny, who’s eligible for next year’s NBA Draft.

However, Chris Broussard isn’t so sure about that.

Instead, he believes he could even play three or four more years, and he’s not even sure if Bronny’s going to make it to the league after just one season in college.

Per Broussard, the hardest thing for LeBron will be to accept that he’s not the best player on the court anymore, and he may not even be a part of the conversation.

That’s going to be the ultimate challenge for James if he wants to keep playing in the league for many more years.

Truth be told, there’s no denying that he could physically still play for the next three or four years, even if he’s playing a lesser role.

On the other hand, there’s simply no way that Bronny’s not a one-and-done player, even if he’s not ready.

His draft stock has risen over the past months, and every single team in the league would pick him to have one year of LeBron James on their roster.

Whatever the case, the matter of the fact is that James isn’t going anywhere, at least for now.

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