The speculations around Akshay Kumar’s involvement in Hera Pheri 3 are a persistent lot. He is doing it… he is not doing it… wait, he is doing it now…What is the behind-the-scenes herapheri regarding the casting of Hera Pheri 3?

There’s also conjecture on where these stories seem to be coming from, and they are certainly not coming from Akshay Kumar’s team. Producer Firoz Nadiadwala is in a bit of a hurry to make a comeback after a fairly long hiatus from film production. Hera Pheri is his best known franchise. What better way to make a comeback?

Sadly the project made no sense without Akshay Kumar. It was almost like Agra without Taj Mahal. Hence began all those unfounded stories of AK’s return to Hera Pheri.

The latest on that front is a new salvo on a popular portal which drummed a new version of AK’s will-he-won’t-he narrative.

A report on the portal claimed that everything was on paper with regard to the casting of Hera Pheri 3 with Kartik Aaryan. But now there’s been a change. Over the last few days, Firoz has reportedly met Akshay Kumar a couple of times to sort out all the differences and get him back to the franchise. Firoz realizes how iconic the character of Raju is and also acknowledges that the credit for the character’s success goes to Akshay for the way he enacted the part.

The truth is, there is absolutely no chance of Akshay Kumar returning to Hera Pheri. ETimes spoke to a very close friend of the star who revealed, “These are stories being spread by someone who desperately wants to make the project (Hera Pheri 3) much bigger than it actually is. Akshay has not met the producer. He has shown no interest in returning to Hera Pheri. Andar ki baat toh yeh hai ki Akshay Anees Bazmee ke saath comedy phir se karna chahte hai. Lekin Hera Pheri nahin. Bilkul nahin.”

The Akshay angle in the Hera Pheri narrative doesn’t make sense because he is nowhere on the scene. Also, nothing about Kartik Aaryan being in the project is official. Right now, too many people are cooking up a brand new Hera Pheri story every day.

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