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I don’t think I can multi-task: Adarsh Gourav on doing one project at a time | Bollywood

Adarsh Gourav proved his acting prowess in The White Tiger. However, despite the film’s success, he has only signed a handful of projects, one of which is the upcoming series Extrapolation.

Adarsh Gourav was seen in The White Tiger
Adarsh Gourav was seen in The White Tiger

When asked about the reason for choosing to work on fewer projects, Gourav explains, “My focus is to do one project at a time, as I don’t think I can multi-task. Because when I try to play a human being, I try to give it my all. And I feel like I owe that to the person that I’m playing. Therefore, I take two to three months to prepare for the film, to understand the character’s journey and delve into their life, including their politics. Only then do I commit to a project.”

Despite staying away from the screen for extended periods, leading to the audience potentially forgetting the actor, Gourav remains unperturbed. “I don’t think that’s a concern for me. Instead, I am solely focused on doing quality work, work that I can watch and be proud of, work that inspires me,” he says.

To prepare for his part in his next project ,Extrapolation, Gourav travelled to a remote village in Nagpur and met the widows of farmers. Recalling how it was an “emotionally draining process” for him, the actor shares, “Most of these widows were still living on very, very meagre sums of money. All that debts, which were a reason for the husband’s committing suicide had become even bigger because of growing interest rates. Most of these widows don’t even know how to make use of the government schemes and the plans that the government has for farmers and for people who are living below the poverty line, or close to the poverty line. They don’t know how to make use of these schemes, because the process is very bureaucratic and because of that, they get very daunted, and they keep suffering. And eventually what happens is they fall into the clutches of the local money lenders who charge exorbitant interest rates.”

Talking to these women and listening to their problems was indeed very overwhelming and helped the actor understand his character in the series went through.

With this project, Gourav has high hopes in terms of getting more opportunities as the series stars some of the industry stalwarts including Kit Harington, Meryl Streep, Neska Rose among others. He says, “I hope that it it helps me get more opportunities in the West for sure because Apple TV plus is not a platform that is big in the Indian market right now. It’s still starting out. But I hope that a lot of it gets a lot of attention in the West, and it helps me get more gigs in in all over the world,” he wraps us.

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