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Tesla’s Giga Texas plant rolls the first production Cybertruck off the assembly line


Highly anticipated: Tesla fans and detractors alike have anxiously awaited the Cybertruck’s delivery since it was announced in November 2019. Since then, the vehicle’s development has encountered numerous delays, unflattering information leaks, and even cringeworthy demonstrations, leading some to question Tesla’s ability to deliver a timely, competitive vehicle in the growing EV pickup market. Fortunately for Cybertruck fans, a tweet from Tesla’s Austin factory on Saturday may have finally answered that question.

Earlier this year, Musk told earnings call participants that mass production of the company’s EV pickup wouldn’t begin until sometime in 2024, with manufacturing beginning sometime in the summer of 2023. An early Saturday morning tweet from Tesla’s official account appears to back Musk’s previous claims, proudly showing the team from Giga Austin surrounding the first production Cybertruck to leave its assembly line.

The announcement comes just a few days after Musk posted pictures while driving the Cybertruck around the Austin, TX area. A video of the EV on the streets of Austin was also posted, giving viewers a real-life look at the vehicle’s angles and approach.

Tesla’s Giga Texas facility is almost as impressive as the vehicles it produces. The ultramodern factory spans 2,500 acres and boasts more than 10 million square feet of manufacturing space used for Tesla’s current Model Y and upcoming Cybertruck lineup. If you need to put that into perspective, the facility is the equivalent of roughly 173 American football fields.

The space will be well used if Cybertruck production stays on target. The company claims to have received over 1.5 million Cybertruck reservations, though at just $100 per reservation, the actual number of buyers that follow through with delivery could end up being much lower.

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While Tesla’s announcement is a step in the right direction, the EV automaker is still positioned to play catch-up to its competitors in the EV pickup market. Ford’s F-150 Lightning, the company’s full-size EV pickup offering, has been available since late 2021 and relatively well received by both consumers and reviewers. Tesla will also be up against other established vehicles and new entrants to the market including Rivian, GMC, and RAM.

Tesla still hasn’t announced the final price for its long-awaited EV pickup. The truck was originally targeted to hit the market at $39,900 for the single-motor variant, and approximately $70,000 for the three-motor variant. With any luck we’ll have a better picture of the truck’s pricing, features, and availability in the next few months. Maybe we’ll also get an update on that bulletproof glass.


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