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Deebo Samuel hangs up on national radio host Zach Gelb


Some days you wake up, and you’re just not in the mood for anybody’s shenanigans, no matter how innocent they might be. San Francisco 49ers All-Pro wide receiver Deebo Samuel  must’ve been in one of these moods when he appeared on “The Zach Gelb Show” on CBS Sports Radio. During the interview, which was supposed to last 15 minutes, according to Gelb, Samuel cut the encounter short after the host asked multiple questions regarding San Francisco’s murky quarterback situation.

Listen to the full interview here.

Apparently, Samuel wasn’t feeling Gelb’s line of questioning, especially when it came to his remarks following the NFC title game loss in January. Deebo went off just weeks after falling short of a Super Bowl appearance making the bold claim that the Niners would have beaten Philadelphia, had Brock Purdy not been injured in that game.

“Just look at how well our defense was actually playing. Keeping (Jalen Hurts) in the pocket, which he doesn’t like to do at all,” Samuel said on “Mad Dog Sports Radio” in February. “I felt like if Brock was in … and how our offense moves, I don’t think it would’ve been close if that makes sense.”

Those are strong comments, and we’ll never know what could’ve happened in that game had Purdy been able to stay healthy. Five months later, Samuel had no interest in discussing his perspective with Gelb. That’s fine, and he’s entitled to that, but it doesn’t make for a great radio segment. Afterward, Gelb was not happy about the interaction, and understandably so. It may not have been the most profound question and even considered low-hanging fruit, but Samuel could have handled the situation better.

Gelb asked the questions he felt his listeners would want to know. It’s never a good look for either side when a guest walks off or hangs up abruptly, ending the interview. Although listening to the lead into that last question, you could sense Samuel trying to avoid some of the 49ers QB questions Gelb was launching his way. We’re living in such a hypersensitive time in sports media, and athletes don’t want to go viral for saying the wrong thing, especially when the conversation involves teammates. On that level, it’s easy to see where Deebo is coming from. Still, hanging up and having the Public Relations person end the call isn’t a good look. However, we could’ve done without the mini-tantrum Gelb threw following the interview.

Regardless of whether Samuel discusses his comments concerning the NFC Championship again, the Eagles will remember what he said. Week 13 it’s on as San Francisco travels back to Philly for the rematch. The Eagles will likely be praying Purdy is healthy for that game, so we can see if it unfolds how Deebo says it would. 


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