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1Password Is Speeding up Your Sign-in Process


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There’s a reason why many consider 1Password to be one of the best password managers out there. Now, it’s getting even better with the addition of some new features.

1Password‘s last few updates have been all about adding new features, and this one doesn’t stay behind, as there’s a lot of stuff to go over. For one, there is now a new feature that will be useful if you happen to have multiple 1Password accounts. The service will automatically suggest you save different logins on different accounts, all based on the email address you’re using for that specific login — if it matches the email on one of your accounts, 1Password will do its thing to make sure you don’t mix up anything.

If you did happen to mix up a login and save it to the wrong account, the service will make sure to ask you via a popup whether it was a mistake or not — and if it was, you’ll have a handy button to correct that mistake quickly.

1Password has also simplified logins by remembering which sign-in method you prefer on each website, and it will also autofill your name on forms and websites, as to make things easier for you. And while it also supports common sign-in providers such as Apple, Google, and Facebook, 1Password is also adding some additional ones, including Amazon and Discord this summer — and more of them should also be coming down the road.

The blog post also mentions a few features that have been added in recent weeks. Notably, 1Password now lets you manage your family subscription right from the app rather than having to go to the website, and it also recently rolled out passkeys, which are seen by many as the next natural evolution of logins by eliminating passwords entirely.

With all these changes, it’s clear 1Password wants to be among the more useful password managers out there, and perhaps the only password manager you need for everything. Many of these features have already rolled out, so do keep an eye out for an update coming soon to your device if you don’t have them.

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